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25 November 2010 @ 11:48 pm
Manip: Fever Dream  
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Riida! Thirty years old and he doesn't look a day over twenty, ne? Lucky ducky.

I've wanted to make an Ohno/Ryoko manip for AGES, and this seemed like as good an occasion as any. You could view it as Naruse/Shiori or Ohno/Ryoko - I leave it to your imagination. ;)


Without WordsWith Words

Base image is "Firewalker" by Boris Vallejo. Ohno is a manip of a wallpaper from the movie Legion.

Words are lyrics from "Bell, Book and Candle" by Eddi Reader:
White horses on a troubled sea;
Your smile will flash through time.
Up ahead, a blackbird's wing;
Your hair will come to mind.
Every night I see your face
When I have to pray.
I need a bell, a book and candle
To keep your ghost away...

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